Wild Flowers of the Magaliesberg    
This book is a clear, easy-to-use introduction to over 500 wild flower species of the Magaliesberg, directed mainly at the person becoming aware for the first time of these floral treasures. We use simple language, avoiding botanical terminology. Initially plants are grouped by floral colour into six groups. We have tried to show leaves as clearly as possible, because awareness of their shape and arrangement often assists greatly in identification.

     Features of this publication include   
  • English, Afrikaans and Setswana common names 
      • Information regarding early botanical pioneers 
         • Updated scientific names and derivations 
             • Ecological and habitat information 
                • Organisations and contacts 
                     • Places for public access 
                         • All new photographs 
                              • Leaf sketches


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This fascinating and unique area joins grassland to savanna. The resulting transitional interface draws species from both and therefore has an exceptionally rich biodiversity. Perspective and context are provided by an “Introduction to the Floral Habitats in the Magaliesberg Biosphere” by Vincent Carruthers. This covers Grassland, South-facing slopes and valleys, Cliffs, Mountain crest, North-facing slopes, Kloofs and streams.


Prof. Braam van Wyk has contributed a chapter entitled “Fire, the Essential Rejuvenator”. He describes the significant impact which the natural fire regime has on biodiversity. If dead plant material is not removed by fire, the highly specialised pre-rain flowers will not flourish. He urges appropriate and sensible burning strategies.


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